Hemel Hempstead Bowls Club

Useful Links

A comprehensive resource of books, videos and DVDs on bowls


Located in Chesham, a supplier of bowls and wearing apparel


Riverain Indoor Bowls Club located near Hitchen where bowls and wearing apparel can be purchased, often at discounted rates. Second-hand bowls and equipment sometimes available


Woodside Indoor Bowls Club, Watford. Supplier of bowls and wearing apparel


Hertfordfordshire Bowls Association


St Albans & District Ladies Bowling Association


One of the premier bowling clubs in Sussex, their website contains links to lots of original information on the game of lawn bowls, and covers a) getting started in bowls and b) bowl to win tactics


Provided by Bowls UK - everything you need to know to get started


A bowling club site with a glossary of bowls terms


  Updated: Mar 2019